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Sludge Treatment Facility

Sludge Treatment Facility: Heavy equipment and facility operators and workers

※No experience necessary! The work flow and procedures are set, so you just need to go through them one by one.

Recruitment release date: 2022-03-01

Company nameKEIYOKOGYO Inc.
The type of jobGeneral work at "Sludge Treatment Facility" that performs intermediate treatment of industrial waste, plant operation, and operation of heavy vehicles and other heavy equipment. Toward "the work vehicle enthusiast", it is the must-see workplace.
Offer contents
Intermediate treatment plants where waste from manufacturing plants, waste treatment facilities, municipal facilities, construction work, etc. is made suitable for recycling and landfill disposal.
[specific duties content]
*Checking incoming waste
 Waste confirmation is an important task. We check the waste against the schedule for delivery, the shape of the load, the odor, and the general process by which the waste was generated.
 In the beginning, no one knows what to do. Our seniors will teach you carefully. If you have a strong background in chemistry, that may be an advantage.
* Guidance of incoming vehicles
 Safety comes first at the site. Guiding vehicles is one of the most important tasks.
 We guide vehicles to waiting areas, unloading areas, etc., using the on-site radio.
Even inexperienced workers can be successful in this job.The unloading location is determined on the day before the work.Our senior workers will gently guide you through the process via radio communication.
* Emptying waste in flexible container bags (bagged), drums, etc.
 Worker safety first. Workers wear protective gear, gloves, and dust masks.
 We encourage workers to shower before returning home, and most workers shower and return home with clean bodies.
* Backhoe operation for in-pit processing, vehicle loading, and barge (non-self-propelled vessel loading waste) sorting
 Our backhoe operation work does not involve working all day long.
When operators are not working, they collaborate with their colleagues.
Our philosophy is to teach our employees to be multi-taskers in all aspects of their work.
In fact, most of our current senior workers are able to do multiple jobs.
You will soon get used to it, because you will feel safe and secure in your surroundings!
We also have skill levels for operators.
If you are already qualified, why not challenge yourself and work your way up.If you are already qualified, why not challenge us and gain experience while you hone your skills.
Forklift truck operation
Operation of mixers and water treatment plants
If you are strong in plant maintenance, have a wealth of electrical knowledge, or are strong in chemical systems, etc., you can make the most of your knowledge.
If you are strong in plant maintenance, electricity, chemistry, etc., why not put your knowledge to good use? We are looking forward to your experience!"
*Forklift license acquisition backup available at company expense for those with no experience.
Forklift, vehicle construction equipment, and heavy-duty vehicle licenses are a plus.
*Within the department, you will work safely and efficiently in cooperation with receiving, analyzing, and office management personnel.

QualificationsNo educational background or blanks required.
Able to communicate with everyone considering the other person's point of view.
Able to perform each task calmly and accurately.
Able to improve their skills and techniques while gaining experience.
No previous experience is necessary, such as those who are interested in physically demanding work.
We will take the time to develop you from no previous experience, so we will hire people who are motivated.
*Welcome qualifications
Heavy vehicle equipment, forklift, sling
The employment form



Monthly salary 260,000yen340,000yen

Salary revision (once a year in April), two bonuses (July and December)
<Annual salary model>
Annual salary: 4 million yen (3 years with no experience/age 30)
※There is a 3-month term of trial, but there is no change in benefits during the period.

Working hoursMonday - Saturday
Early shift: 7:30 - 15:30 (90 min. break)
Late shift:8:30-16:30 (90 minutes break)
Average overtime: 25 hours/month
HolidaySundays, national holidays
Vacations: Year-end and New Year holidays: 4 days, summer vacation: 5 days, congratulation or condolence leave, paid vacations
Work location

Tokyo Koto city3-11-7, Shinsuna sludge treatment facility, marine transportation shipping facilities

Access: A 15-minute walk from Tokyo Metro Tozai Line "Minamisuna Station"
Welfare programSalary revision (once a year, in April) / Various social insurances (employment, workers' accident compensation, health, and welfare pension) / All transportation expenses paid / Overtime allowance (full payment) / Position allowance / Qualification allowance / Family allowance / Property savings / Retirement allowance system / Separate office room in the office
Selection methodPaper screening → Primary interview → (Additional interview if necessary)
RemarksSelection: Minimum 1 month. Entry date: Negotiable. Please contact the General Affairs and Human Resources Department in charge of recruitment.
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TEL. +81-3-3678-9562
We look forward to hearing from you
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