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Approach to information disclosure

Information disclosure

The public announcement matter which affects an excellent industrial waste processing supplier authorization system

Corporate information
Address, name of representative, name and date of appointment of directors, Date of establishment, amount of capital, amount of
investment, and nature of business
Details of Permits
Summary of the business plan, copy of work permit
Facility and Treatment Status
(Collection and
Transportation Company)
Type and quantity of hauling facilities, status of implementation of low-emission vehicles,
Location and area of transshipment and storage facilities, types of industrial waste to be stored, maximum storage capacity, and
The amount of industrial waste handled and transported in the previous three years.
Facility and Disposal Status
(Disposal company)
Location of the treatment facility, date of installation, 
type of facility, type of industrial waste, treatment capacity, 
treatment method, and outline of structural facilities
Copies of the permit for installation of the treatment facility,
treatment process diagram of industrial waste for each business
site, a series of treatment processes up to the completion of final disposal of industrial waste,
The amount of industrial waste received, the amount of industrial waste disposed of, and the amount of industrial waste left over for the previous three years.
Status of the maintenance and management of the treatment
facility for the immediately preceding three years.

Financial statements
Financial statements for the last three fiscal years
Quotation method, Rate table, and Rate calculation method
Internal Organization 
Internal organization chart, personnel placement, 
Division of Duties
Public disclosure of business sites
Availability and frequency of public disclosure of workplaces

Other information disclosure

Tokyo excellence-related standard conformity authorization system

As for the excellence-related standard conformity authorization system of Tokyo, all appropriate processing and public interest stand corporation Tokyo environment public corporations that the capital appointed the excellent supplier who performed exploitation of resources and the approach that there was little load to give environment were founded in the system that an evaluation authorized ahead of the whole country in October, 2009.
Purpose of the system
  1. Offer of the processing supplier information that is reliable in the discharge company
  2. Promotion of upbringing of the excellent processing supplier and the appropriate processing
  3. Development of the healthy industrial waste processing, recycling business

Characteristic of the system
Depending on the situation of business outline and the approach, it is authorized by "an industrial waste professional" (the second kind evaluation standard conformity supplier) admitted with "an industrial waste expert" (first-class evaluation standard conformity supplier) recognized as a company of the first runner of the industry or an excellence supplier carrying the core role of the industry.
The KEIYOKOGYO continues than authorization of 2009 when "the collection transportation work" (including the piling over again storage) is the system first year by 2 division of "the Intermediate Treatment business", and it is authorized by "an industrial waste expert".

                                                       (public interest incorporated foundation) Tokyo environment public corporation (the outside site)
Certificate of the KEIYOKOGYO
Industrial waste expert (type 1 evaluation criteria conforming company)

Collection and Transportation (including transshipment and storage)
Certification number: 6-22-B0030
Period of validity: From April 1, 2023 to March 31, 2026

Intermediate Treatment business
Certification number: 6-22-C0036
Period of validity: From April 1, 2023 to March 31, 2026


Compliance structure:
We started working on “compliance” with the desire to provide 
customers with greater sense of security. Compliance signifies 
not only legal compliance but also observance of internal 
regulation including our “business philosophy”. We established a committee by inviting legal experts in October 2003. 
We will strive to educate employees so that every employee 
will be aware that “Compliance is Our Responsibility”.
Code of Ethics:
We respect the personality and individuality of each employee 
and aim to create an efficient, safe, and secure workplace for 
a rich and fulfilling life for our employees.

We will collaborate with our various partners, including
customers, suppliers, local communities, and employees, 
to build solid relationships of trust.

We will strictly manage customer and employee confidential
information and contribute to the sound development of the 

We will resolutely confront antisocial and illegal forces.

Anti-Harassment Declaration

The KEIYOKOGYO Group declares its "Anti-Harassment" policy in order to create an efficient,
safe and secure workplace that respects the personality and character of each and every employee 
for a rich and fulfilling life.
[harassment behaviour to be prevented]
(1) Sexual harassment
(2) Power harassment (bullying)
(3) Harassment related to pregnancy, childbirth, childcare and nursing care
(4) Other harassment-like behavior
  ※Repeated mental harassment, discriminatory remarks, etc. are also included in harassment.
This applies to all employees of the KEIYOKOGYO Group, including regular employees, contract employees, part-timers, part-time employees, and temporary employees.
April, 2019
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