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Automobile maintenance business (private vehicle inspection facility)

Techno Division

We KEIYOKOGYO operates a private vehicle inspection facility, Keiyo Techno Service (Kanto District Land Transport Bureau designated factory), and undertakes a wide range of vehicle inspections, repairs, sheet metal coating, vehicle sales, and various insurance agency services for large vehicles and passenger cars.
Our knowledgeable and experienced staff members look forward to serving you.
(Techno Division)
Address  : 3002, Baraki, Ichikawa city, Chiba
Telephone : 047-329-7020
FAX    : 047-329-7029
(Techno Division insurance section)
Telephone : 047-327-2512
FAX    : 047-327-2514
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Car inspection, repair section

Vehicle inspections are conducted every certain period of time at government-designated factories in order to prevent problems with vehicles and to check for compliance with safety and pollution prevention aspects.
Our staff members specializing in passenger cars and trucks inspect and maintain the vehicles entrusted to us by our customers, and we use the latest equipment and facilities to ensure that the vehicles are maintained in a safe and reliable manner.
In addition, our experienced staff inspects as preventive maintenance to prevent problems and maintain performance, and repairs any defects found.

Sheet metal, the painting section

The Sheet Metal and Paint Department handles sheet metal, replacement, repair, and painting of dents and other damages on automobile bodies.
We offer a wide range of services from simple sheet metal to accident sheet metal, and our expert staff performs painting in a dedicated paint baking booth to the satisfaction of our many customers.

The vehicle sales division

We sell new and used vehicles ranging from passenger cars to trucks according to customers' requests and budgets. We are also ready to provide total backup services, including "vehicle purchase" and "scrapped vehicle disposal".

From an insurance section (various handling) insurance against loss to life insurance

Even if you drive safely, you may encounter a traffic accident that is hard to avoid.
In such cases, you can rely on automobile insurance.
At Keiyo Techno Service, we assist our customers not only with car repairs as an auto insurance agent, but also with post-accident negotiations with the insurance company, including the other party, and follow-up services.

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