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Fukushima Branch (factory)

Fukushima Branch: Operator of the Incineration Plant

Driving, maintenance, check, monitoring ※The night and day change duty

Recruitment release date: 2022-07-01

Company nameKEIYOKOGYO Inc.
The type of jobFukushima Branch: Operator of the Incineration Plant
Offer contents
[work summary]
It becomes the transportation in the plant center control room, monitoring work, various number records, periodic inspections.
I accept various types of industrial waste and carry out safety management by the close storage along a type, the shape thoroughly.
Destruction by fire facilities are facilities detoxifying, and, including dioxin dangerous measures to pitch a camp, the management along the strict environmental standard is necessary.
I control the outbreak of the toxic substance by burning it up at high temperatures 800 degrees or more, but the temperature in the furnace falls down, and the fear of the toxic substance occurrence comes out if there are many inputs to an incinerator. It is important to control the input while monitoring it in a central control room; come to work.
I look forward to the person who wants to support the community which wants to have contribution to society, application.
<main duties>
①Monitoring of each processing process
②Control of the incinerator
③Maintenance, maintenance of storage facilities
④Facilities maintenance (adjustment or parts exchange of the vehicle)
QualificationsStudy, blank no object. The second new college graduate, welcome normal license (possible AT-limited) required
■For the carrier formation by the long-term duty, I intend toward 18-40 years old to include late-night duties again. (departmental order 3 i)
※I can acquire the qualification necessary for duties using a support system after the entering a company.
It is still possible if there are any forklifts: After the entering a company, the acquisition is possible with a company burden.
*About the duties instruction, seniors tell carefully.
※Welcome qualification
Engineering works, a building, real estate relations: First-class electric construction person/second class electricity construction person/forklift industry connection: The first grade boiler engineer/second grade boiler engineer/boiler mechanic/autogenous welding work chief person
The employment form



Monthly salary 155,000yen185,000yen

Bonus twice (July, December) last year results three months (the basics are decided based on our regulations in consideration of experience, ability, age.)
※There is a 3-month term of trial, but there is no change in the service during a period.

Working hours①7:00-19:00 taking a lunch break rest 90 minutes evening break 30 minutes (16:30-17:00) ※17:00-19:00 (there is overtime work for about 2h)
②Break 30 minutes (4:30-5:00, the following day) early-morning for break 90 minutes late-night at 19:00 at ... 7:00 ※I work for each 5:00-7:00 (there is overtime work for about 2h) team and succeed it in the next team if it is change time. A late-night medical treatment and the overtime pay are paid in full
HolidayAnnual holiday 109 days (heteromorphic labor system of the one year unit) ※A shift system (monthly holiday 8-9 days) year-end and New Year vacation: 4th, summer holidays: 5th, paid vacation, the congratulations or condolence vacation, maternity leave, maternity leave (jitsu*yu)
Work location

FukushimaIzumizaki-mura, Nishishirakawa-gunCapital letter Izumizaki character eight 1, Daiyama

Is a car than Izumizaki Station; ten minutes
※There are not a principle, the transfer with the moving
Welfare programSalary revision (once a year, April)/various/transportation expenses total amount supply (possible car commuting)/overtime allowance (the total amount supply)/post allowance/qualification allowance/family allowance/worker's property accumulation savings/retirement bonus system/office smoking cessation equipped with social insurance (the employment, workmen's accident, health, welfare annuity), separation of smoking areas/ ※There is a single loan-sharking company house for U-turn I turns
Selection methodPaper screening → Primary interview → (I have an interview once again as needed)
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TEL. +81-3-3678-9562
We look forward to hearing from you
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