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I plan the improvement of safe hygiene activity while building the safety management system as the basics of business administration in the KEIYOKOGYO. I make a basic matter clear to prevent work-related accident and act for the comfortable, safe workplace environment and the healthy securing of employee, securing of environment to surrounding environment and aim at the workplace of the zero evil. In addition, I act for promotion of the security hygiene while observing the Occupational Safety and Health Act, and an employee holding a safe hygiene committee meeting every month in each more than 50 offices, and performing the planning of the deliberation and official regulations and a report about a matter about the security hygiene.

About the agreement

Agreement on Disaster Waste Disposal in the Event of an Earthquake or Other Large-Scale Disaster

The prefectural government and the industrial waste associations of each prefecture sign an agreement on disaster management. As a member of the association, we are among those registered that can assist in procuring related personnel, vehicles, materials and equipment, as well as in the removal, collection/transportation, and disposal of disaster waste.
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