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Waste Water Treatment Plant

Waste Water Treatment Plant: The plant management staff

※[plant operator] Supporting society as a team, senior employees will teach you carefully.

Recruitment release date: 2021-09-16

Company nameKEIYOKOGYO Inc.
The type of jobWaste Water Treatment Plant: The plant management staff
Offer contents
[work summary]
A treatment plant that operates 24 hours a day to recycle wastewater and waste from food factories and commercial facilities. (introduction of the disposal of factories summary)
The operation and inspection of this facility will be your responsibility.
The role is to make sure that the plant never stops and continues to operate normally.
The work flow and procedures are fixed, so you just need to proceed one by one.
We will guide you well even if you have no experience. Long-term stable work is available.
[concrete duties content]
・Reception handling of incoming vehicles
 Wastewater is brought in by vehicle, and after receiving the wastewater, it is brought into the facility.
 Since there are staff in charge of reception during the daytime, we are mainly entrusted with nighttime operations.
・Monitoring the treatment process
We monitor the temperature of the liquid, the flow rate, the amount of microorganisms required for decomposition, and various other values. If any abnormality is found, we consult with the analyst and related personnel and make adjustments to ensure normal operation.
・Operation of facilities
 Operates various types of facilities, including startup, shutdown, and adjustment.
・Inspection and Maintenance
 Inspections are performed every 8 hours. If a pipe or pump is clogged, suspend the operation and repair them quickly. In addition, chemical replenishment will also be performed.
 Loads and handles resources generated by the recycling process.

[Personnel we are looking for]
Able to communicate with others considering their point of view.
Those who can do each task calmly and accurately, and those who can come up with ideas for improving work methods. Those who are interested in physically active work , regardless of previous experience.
We will take the time to nurture you from no previous experience, so we are hiring with an emphasis on motivation.

Appeal point[contribution to society]
Since its establishment as a fertilizer merchant in 1916 and a joint-stock company in 1964, the company has a history of more than 50 years and has many business transactions with major companies.
We are involved in the environmental business, contributing to society, and are able to play an active role in a stable work environment. We have concluded a disaster cooperation agreement and have high expectations for regional cooperation.
[Post-employment support]
For the first three months, senior employees provide detailed guidance on work flow and points to keep in mind. After that, you will work in groups of three and engage in actual work.
You will work in a team system, so you will be able to deepen your bond with others through communication.

Easy-to-work-in environment
[Many mid-career workers are active in our company.]
Our employees range in age from their 20s to 60s.
Most of them started their careers from different backgrounds such as inexperience, sales, and drivers.
Many of our employees have been with us for a number of years due to our steady business foundation. Since many of our members are approaching retirement age, we have decided to hire new personnel in anticipation of the future.
QualificationsNo academic background or blanks to be considered.
For career development through long-term work and because the work includes late-night work, 18-40 year olds are preferred. (Ministerial Ordinance No. 3 (a))
Qualifications required for the job can be acquired through a support program after joining the company.
*Welcome qualifications
Civil engineering, construction, and real estate related:Class 1 electrician/Class 2 electrician
Industrial related: 1st class boiler engineer / 2nd class boiler engineer / boiler mechanic / chief arc welding operator
The employment form



Monthly salary 250,000yen275,000yen

2 bonuses *July and December (last year's bonus: 3 months)
Breakdown: Base salary 225,000-250,000 yen + special allowance 25,000 yen
(Basic salary will be determined based on experience, ability, age, and other factors in accordance with the company's regulations.)
*There is a 3-month probationary period, but there is no change in benefits during the period.

Working hours①7:30-15:00 (break 45 minutes ※ actual work 7.25h)
②15:30-22:00 (break 45 minutes ※ actual work 5.45h)
③I work for each 22:00-7:30 (break 120 minutes ※ actual work 7.5h) Each team works as a team and hands over to the next team when it is time for the shift change. Generally, there is no overtime work.
Holiday107 days off per year (variable work system on a yearly basis)
※Shift system (monthly holiday 8-9 days)
Work location

Tokyo Koto city 3-11-13, Shinsuna

Access:A 15-minute walk from Tokyo Metro Tozai Line "Minamisuna Station"
Welfare programSalary revision (once a year, in April) / Various social insurances (employment, workers' accident compensation, health, and welfare pension) / All transportation expenses paid / Overtime allowance (full payment) / Position allowance / Qualification allowance / Family allowance / Property savings / Retirement allowance system / Smoking space in the office
Selection methodPaper screening → Primary interview → (Additional interview if necessary)
RemarksSelection: Minimum 1 month. Entry date: Negotiable. Please contact the General Affairs and Human Resources Department in charge of recruitment.
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TEL. +81-3-3678-9562
We look forward to hearing from you
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