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Waste Water Treatment Plant public information

※The information and documents disclosed on this page are limited to those related to our "Wastewater Treatment Plant". (except for permits).

For customers intending to proceed to our other disposal facilities, please contact each respective sales counter  separately.  In addition, the various templates on this page are intended for transaction through transporters.

Ⅱ. It is import-related

・Import schedule
 Is going to carry it in; time in: Weekdays 9:00~16:00 (on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays, it becomes out of it in time in)
 An import schedule transmission point: FAX 03(5606) 1870
 When an import reservation is not possible before time in, please submit it to disposal ground receptionist with a manifesto at the time of import.
 But I may decline acceptance by import thing contents, a quantity of import.
・Electronic manifesto relations
・Guide acceptance standard of the import
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