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Sales and Operations

Collection, transportation and disposal of general and industrial waste

About Waste Collection and Transportation services

We provide reliable services that satisfy our customers by accurately selecting collection equipment and transportation methods that suit the shape of the waste, and by performing collection and transportation work that is dedicated to preventing scattering, spills, and foul odors.
Our company provide safe and reliable wide-area treatment services that take the global environment into consideration, using marine transportation by waste carriers and land transportation by trailer and rail as our transportation method for wide-area treatment.

About Waste disposal services

In order to dispose of waste properly and safely, we will share appropriate information with our customers and select a disposal site that prioritizes recycling and transport efficiency.
At our own facilities, we are actively promoting energy conservation and resource recycling by responding to a wide variety of wastes through operation, maintenance, and management technologies cultivated through advanced initiatives.

Maintenance services and automobile maintenance

Maintenance work on public infrastructure and automobile maintenance

Maintenance and management of public facilities and infrastructure has become the most important issue in our social life. KEIYOKOGYO will contribute to society and carry out our corporate philosophy by contributing to society with our expertise and abundant experience in the maintenance and management of water, sewage, street cleaning, and other facilities.
The KEIYOKOGYO owns a variety of special vehicles and performs daily maintenance at its own facilities to ensure safe operation. In addition, as "Keiyo Techno Service," we perform vehicle inspections, repairs, and repairs of private vehicles, aiming to be a maintenance shop that is loved by the community.

List of permission acquisition

About industrial and general wastes, and other permits

In order to perform waste collection, transportation, and treatment services, it is necessary to have the permits from the municipality in which customers and treatment facility are located. KEIYOKOGYO has obtained permits from various municipalities in order to handle wide-area processing of waste.
In addition, we have undergone and obtained certification under a system that certifies excellent industrial waste disposers that meet standards stricter than normal licensing standards, as well as the Tokyo Metropolitan Government's own third-party evaluation system that certifies excellent industrial waste disposers.

We have also obtained a variety of permits other than those related to waste, and are committed to meeting the needs of our customers.


Inquiry about the business

We make use of experience to sell waste from 1964 and suggest appropriate processing and recycling.
(appropriate disposal of various industrial waste, special management industrial waste and recycling suggestion)
About rate
I have an inquiry from the following, or please consult with sales department window about the consultation with the individual quotation. The estimate is free.
About sales department window (requests for estimate)
 TEL.03(3678) 0112 (private enterprise)

 TEL.03(3678) 0114 (local government)

 TEL.03(5664) 6067 (Waste Water Treatment Plant jikomigyoshayo)

 TEL.043(203) 3520 (Chiba Branch)

 TEL.046(264) 6281 (Kanagawa Branch)

 TEL.0248(53) 3730 (Fukushima Branch)

 TEL.045(813) 4466 (kotsukakojojikomigyoshayo)
In addition, please refer to our key number when you do not know it.

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