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Fukushima Branch (Sales)

Fukushima Branch: Sales staff

Work stable in a hometown. I deepen the trust with the existing customer [sales position]

Recruitment release date: 2022-07-01

Company nameKEIYOKOGYO Inc.
The type of jobFukushima Branch: Sales staff
Offer contents
[work summary]
I assume that I have you please to answer the problem of the customer a motto of the business. It is the first work that a lot of customers with the continuous business build the relationship of mutual trust with the customer.
I am given suggestion and the processing of appropriate processing methods such as waste water or the waste which are exhausted when an existing customer works on a plan in trust, and it is consulting business to choose the choice in processing ahead including the company.
I make a deal with government offices, a drug and a machine, a food maker and construction relations, a hotel, the commercial building management company widely. In addition, customers in Fukushima are often found, but please correspond to the business partner of Kanto (Saitama, Tochigi, Ibaraki).
I am inexperienced, and a lot of changes of job from a new business are the environment that can learn duties from 1, too.
QualificationsNormal license (possible AT-limited)
※Educational background, blank no object. Welcome of the second new college graduate
The employment form



Monthly salary 210,000yen305,000yen

Two times of bonuses (July, December)
(the base salary is decided based on our regulations in consideration of experience, ability, age.)
※Yearly income example 3.7 million yen/30 years old, 4.1 million yen/35 years old, 4.7 million yen/40 years old
※There is a 3-month term of trial, but there is no change in the service during a period.

Working hours9:00-17:15 (there is almost no overtime work. Lower than monthly 20h)
HolidayAn annual holiday 109 days five-day working week (there is the attendance in Saturday and Sunday, celebration ※ soil once a month) year-end and New Year vacation: 4th, summer holidays: 5th, paid vacation, the congratulations or condolence vacation, maternity leave, maternity leave (jitsu*yu)
Work location

FukushimaIzumizaki-mura, Nishishirakawa-gunCapital letter Izumizaki character eight 1, Daiyama

It is ten minutes by car from Izumizaki Station
※There are no principle, transfer with the moving.
Welfare programSmoking cessation, separation of smoking areas/in salary revision (once a year/April)/various/transportation expenses total amount supply (possible car commuting)/overtime allowance (the total amount supply)/post allowance/qualification allowance/family allowance/worker's property accumulation savings/retirement bonus system/office equipped with social insurance (the employment, workmen's accident, health, welfare annuity) ※There is a single loan-sharking company house for U-turn I turns
Selection methodPaper screening → Primary interview → The second interview
RemarksAdoption selection: A minimum period of one month. Entering a company time, osodan. Please contact personnel affairs general affairs department adoption person in charge.
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TEL. +81-3-3678-9562
We look forward to hearing from you 
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