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Collection and Transportation

Garage information

Saitama office

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2279-2 Hasunuma, Miwanoe, Yoshikawa city, Saitama  
TEL, 048(940) 1787
FAX, 048(940) 1751

Fukushima Branch

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1 Yagashiroyama, Izumizaki, Nishishirakawa, Fukushima
TEL, 0248 (53) 3730
FAX, 0248 (53) 4244

Honisshiki office

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2-731-1, Honisshiki, Edogawa city, Tokyo
TEL, 03(6638) 7381
FAX, 03(6638) 7382

Engineering works material center

7-14-3, Shinozakimachi, Edogawa city, Tokyo

Vehicle information

Industrial waste comes in a variety of shapes, including "liquid," "sludge," and "solid," and we collect them safely and reliably using the most suitable vehicle model for each shape. All vehicles are equipped with digital tachometers, and daily driving is analyzed by computer to ensure eco-friendly driving that is also friendly to the global environment.


Safety transportation management

Approach for the safe transportation

The KEIYOKOGYO that ensuring safe transportation is the foundation of our transportation business, and we make sure that all employees are aware that ensuring transportation safety is a top priority. We also make daily efforts to improve safe transportation through the implementation of thorough safety transportation management.

Approach to ecodrive

We participate in the "Green Eco Project" sponsored by the Tokyo Trucking Association, and have been monitoring vehicle fuel data and introducing eco-driving methods (10 recommendations for eco-driving). We have also installed digital tachometers in our fleet. This allows us to analyze daily driving safety and fuel consumption, and to thoroughly manage the data, while crew members and managers work together to consider eco-driving.

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